Limited SMSF License

Merit Wealth is an Australian financial services licensee.

It was established by accountants for accountants at a time of rapid regulatory and industry change as the licensee of choice for accountants. We understand accounting businesses and know what makes them successful.

Complete Service in a Single Package

We help you meet your compliance obligations, keep up to date with pragmatic training, and provide quality advice to your clients. If you’re like most professionals, you just want to get on with looking after your clients.

Systems to Make It Easy & Efficient

We intimately understand ASIC’s compliance requirements and have created a way for you to be fully compliant and deliver a high-quality, efficient service to clients.
The secret is in our purpose-built systems and approach. Let us show you how much easier a Statement of Advice (SOA) is under the Merit Wealth Limited Authorisation.

We are a business with SMSF opportunity at its core, not merely a business with an SMSF offer added on. This single focus enables you to:

  • Access services and support that are relevant to your accounting business
  • Provide quality SMSF advice to your clients
  • Belong to an accountant specific brand
  • Access accountant-specific training, workshops, PD days, and events
  • Become a member of a peer group network for accountants specialising in SMSFs

As an accountant, you are often the first source of advice your clients turn to for any financial matters.

So, it stands to reason that individuals will turn to their most trusted long-term adviser to not only establish their SMSF but also provide them with strategic advice.

Australians continue to be attracted to self-managed super funds (SMSFs) as their primary retirement savings plan. In fact, the ATO’s SMSF Quarterly Statistical Report for June 2020 indicates the highest number of net establishments since 2015–16 – there could be as many as 18,540 across Australia.

Advice Beyond Your Limited Authority When Required

The Limited Authority allows you to provide complex strategic advice to your clients. At times, you may have clients who need advice that goes beyond your authorisation.

At your discretion, you have access to Merit Wealth financial planners who can assist you – a seamless delivery under the one licensee that maintains and protects the client relationship

We Know What Matters to You and Your Clients

We continually speak with accountants across Australia about licensing and the changing landscape of their industry.

It is a specialist area that requires an in-depth understanding of how accounting businesses operate, the services they provide, as well as the intricacies of SMSFs.

Armed with this understanding and our experience in financial services licensing, we have continued to assist practices with their licensing and support.

Transition to Full Advice Two-day Training Course

More than a third of consumers would like their accountant to provide financial planning advisory services within the next 5 years. If you would like to broaden your services, we can assist you with the transition to full advice

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